Vacation Rental Maintenance


Through our years of experience one thing has always been clear; there is a lack of transparency in vacation rental maintenance.  We’ve seen a lot of owners overcharged for services and/or items. Now to be fair there are some cases where taking care of a guests needs will supersede typical costs for services or items.  These instances are the exception rather than the rule. We’ve also had countless conversations with owners who’ve received erroneous charges for items & services.  Ultimately, owners are unaware of what it costs to maintain a vacation rental.


Owners are separating their services to increase profits.  They are creating to two very distinct needs in the industry: 1. Marketing / Booking.  2. On-the-ground services. Owners have more control now than ever, as a result they are asking a lot more questions. Unfortunately, most service providers can’t accurately answer these questions, because they have typically subcontracted their services to the property management company.



We’ve completed more than 10,000 vacation rental maintenance services.  When talking with owners the same question is being asked over and over again; “Do you know how much money I’ll spend on maintenance?”  Fortunately we are able to provide the owner with the information they need. Below is a breakdown by bedroom (excluding any major repairs or replacement items).

Vacation Rental Maintenance


Vacation Rental Owners must be willing to be proactive.  You have to spend money to make money.  Unfortunately it can be a double edge sword.  We’ve seen too many neglected rentals, which consequently result in poor reviews.  Guests do not want problems while on vacation.  You have to look at it through the Guests eyes.  

Remember that maintenance starts at the driveway.  Furthermore, keeping the interior decorating up-to-date is just as important. 


Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We never up-charge our parts
  • We establish a maintenance allowance. 
  • Our services are digitally record.  This includes: before & after pictures, detailed notes, and receipts.
  • Our support team troubleshoots before dispatching a technician.